DC SAFE Employment and Internships


DC SAFE is looking for passionate, dedicated people to join our team! To learn more about open positions at DC SAFE please visit our Idealist page.  Spanish speakers and those with direct service experience are encouraged to apply.


DC SAFE selects interns every semester to participate in many aspects of our organization. Whether you are interested in advocacy, outreach, fundraising, communities with extra barriers, criminal justice, law, anti-violence efforts, non-profit management, systems advocacy, women’s rights…we have an opportunity for you! Please click below for information on our current internship opportunities.

While we are unable to offer monetary compensation for internships, we are more than willing to work with school, scholarship and grant programs and believe that internships are first and foremost learning opportunities.


DC SAFE is no longer accepting internship applications for fall 2019. We will accept applications for spring interns starting in January 2020. Please follow the application instructions on the specific internship to which you are applying.

Crisis Response Internship

Supportive Advocacy Internship

Crisis Shelter Internship

Find out what our former interns are doing now and their advice for future interns here.


Intern Testimonial, Summer 2019

It's difficult to describe the highlights of working for DC SAFE, as this organization focuses on such a grim area of people's lives. Domestic violence is not black and white - every single situation is specific to the individual and no two people will go about the healing process in the same way.

This is what DC SAFE was here for - to be that helping hand in leading survivors to their potential next steps in gaining independence back. To be able to have any involvement in something that potentially impacted other's lives has been such an honor for me.

Through DC SAFE, I was able to work with incredible individuals who helped me navigate listening to horror stories from survivors - and using our tools and connections to put them in the best position possible. I never ever felt as if I was doing enough - but I believe that is the best part about DC Safe. Everyone who works there is willing to do anything for another person - even things outside of our reach. The environment that I was in was inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed going to work there every day.

This organization has highlighted for me the horrors of reality that is involved with domestic violence. While the work itself was not pretty, it felt worth my time. I learned about myself and about others in ways that I could have never if I had interned at a place that would have me filing paperwork. DC SAFE trained me and the skills with crisis management I have gained from working in direct services such as this are ones I will appreciate and utilize in the future.