Breaking free from violence begins with a SAFE Space.

Our SAFE Space Crisis Shelter is re-locating to a new and expanded facility in 2020. Once complete, the facility will be able to house as many as 700 survivors and their families each year, doubling our capacity to offer short-term placements for those in crisis.

What makes SAFE Space a unique and effective solution?

  • 75% of SAFE Space residents exit to stable housing.

  • Clients have a 50% risk reduction for renewed violence after leaving SAFE Space.

  • SAFE Space costs approximately $40 less than motels used for overflow housing.

  • The rate of violent crime decreases when there are fewer repeat incidences of domestic violence.

  • Providing emergency housing enables survivors to preserve their limited economic resources.

The need

Each day approximately 2,300 people in Washington, DC face the dilemma of abuse at home or life on the streets in a city that is rapidly gentrifying.  For those who decide to leave, safe and secure housing is often their primary concern.  Immediate entry shelter remains a critical need.  Restrictions on shelter admissions and waitlists pose obstacles for survivors of domestic violence seeking help.  

Our SAFE Space Crisis Shelter offers a solution.  SAFE Space was established in 2011 in direct response to the chronic need for emergency housing, Since opening, SAFE Space has housed on average 450 survivors and more than 500 children each year.

When concerns about housing are addressed, survivors are more likely to have the time, tools, and confidence to engage in other systems of care and hold offenders accountable.  Find out how one survivor transitioned from abuse to safety and independence below.

THE IMPACT: corina’s Story


When we first met Corina, she was in pretty bad shape. She had on a ripped, oversized t-shirt, shorts, and a pair of socks that the hospital had provided since she had no shoes. Her hair had all been cut off by her abuser, who had been prostituting her throughout homeless encampments across the District, and she was five months pregnant.

Taylor, one of our On Call Advocates, met Corina at the hospital where she was able to assess her needs and risk. She arranged for Corina to stay at our SAFE Space Crisis Shelter that night. 

The next day, Corina went to a Domestic Violence Intake Center where she was able to file for a Civil Protection Order, and obtain a referral for legal representation with the Legal Aid Society, who could appropriately respond to the many legal issues in her case, including sex trafficking and child custody for when the baby was born.

Corina then spend the next 14 days working with her SAFE Space Advocate, Kiana, who went above and beyond to help her get home to her mom and sister in Southern California. Kiana found funding for Corina to buy a bus ticket across the country and Corina was able to make the journey home. When Corina arrived, her mom called us to say thank you. Corina recently gave birth to a baby boy, says she is excited to return to her church, and wants to go back to school.

Corina's story is just one among many of the life-changing impact of our advocacy services. She is an example of how we help survivors transition from crisis to safety and beyond.  

Join us in making DC a safer city for all our neighbors.


You can help us open the doors to survivors and their families by Christmas 2020! The total project cost for re-locating and expanding SAFE Space is $24.5 million. Construction costs will be covered by a combination of public funds, private financing, and new market tax credits. But it takes more than bricks and mortar to create a home.


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For more information about sponsorship opportunities or other ways to support the project, please contact Silvana Quiroz at squiroz@dcsafe.org. We would love your support in making this project a reality!