Systems Advocacy

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From coordinating city-wide initiatives to educating systems advocacy, systems advocacy is a core part of our mission and daily work with survivors.

Navigating the many DC systems can be a significant challenge for survivors, but we know how the systems work. We help guide our clients through the systems and utilize their experiences to inform our systems advocacy efforts and center survivor safety and self-determination.

High Risk Domestic Violence Initiative (HRDVI)

In 2009, the Office of the City Administrator created the High Risk Domestic Violence Initiative, calling for a tool to ensure that those at the highest risk receive enhanced services, as well as a coordinated high risk team for collaborative intervention. DC SAFE, along with the Office of Victim Services, leads both aspects of the initiative.

Lethality Assessment Project
Our Lethality Assessment Project (LAP), implemented in 2009, is a key component of the HRDVI. We coordinate with over a dozen city partners to ensure that all survivors are screened for their level of risk, and that those at the highest risk for re-assault or homicide receive the expedited and enhanced services they need to stay safe. The LAP is one of our four core programs. To learn more, please click here

Domestic Violence Systems Review Team
Upon direction from the City Administrator’s Office in 2015, the Office of Victim Services and DC SAFE revisited the creation of a high risk team (originally called the Criminal Justice Response Team). Since January 2017, we have been the lead coordinators of the Domestic Violence Systems Review Team, which now meets bimonthly to review and evaluate high risk cases, identifying gaps in the current system and opportunities for improvement in our coordinated response to domestic violence in the District of Columbia.