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Annual Reports

Fiscal Year 2017
Fiscal Year 2016
Fiscal Year 2015


Fiscal Year 2017 Audit
Fiscal Year 2016 Audit
Fiscal Year 2015 Audit

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comprehensive program reports

DV in DC Reports provide a comprehensive analysis of DC SAFE services. They analyze one week’s worth of DC SAFE client intakes, cross-examining case outcomes with demographics, services provided, and other identifying characteristics. The purpose of the report is to provide a more holistic picture of DC SAFE clients and the effectiveness of our programs, as well as the real challenges faced by survivors and the needs that they have when they seek help.
Domestic Violence in DC Report 2014
Domestic Violence in DC Report 2013

Court Watch Reports detail trends occurring within DC’s Domestic Violence courtrooms. Data is collected and analyzed by volunteers. The ultimate goal of the project is to inform and improve our advocacy services and also the court system as a whole.
Domestic Violence Court Watch Report December 2012
Domestic Violence Court Watch Report December 2007